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At Animedia studios we offer a broad range of services allowing your company to create and maintain a professional and innovative presence on the web. Our services will implement your requirements professionally and strategically. We work with you to create the right solution, with you deciding your budget and our timescale. To view more specific information about your required service please click the relevant link below.



SEO - Search engine optimisation


We thrive and trade on our design ability. Many companies offer acceptable coding skills and professionalism, but we go further by integrating this into a graphical environment. Our designs are our hallmark and our passion. To be found and revisited, your web site will have to stand out from the rest, or fit your corporate styling. We create designs and interface from scratch using constant step by step contact with you and your business.

We can create everything you require to improve and expand your brand. From corporate styling and print based mediums (letterheads, business cards, brochures) to web environments, logos and advertising, Animedia can manage the whole process so your company is seamlessly branded.


To see examples of our existing graphical work, please click the relevant link below:

•  Logo Design

•  Print Design

•  Corperate Styling

•  Brand Creations / Building

•  Advertising

•  Web Design

• Illustration






SEO - Search engine optimisation


Having a web presence that works is more important than ever. Thousands of companies and their respective web sites have failed because they failed to fully understand the power of the web. Too often companies create expensive web sites with elements they simply do not need, only to forget to implement a strategy allowing them to be found. If you cannot be found on the internet, the only people who will see your web site are referrals. Here at animedia, we offer not only the best in web design, but we also have one of the best search engine optimisation departments in Europe.
For a FREE MOCK UP of our web services, please click here. This allows you to see our abilities with no risk and no financial outlay.





SEO - Search engine optimisation


Here at Animedia, we have a very strong foundation in animation and associated mediums. With Tom in charge of our animation department, and the complimentary skills of the other members, we can create 2d, 3d and 4d animations for any purpose to suit any business. Our animations are of the highest standard, utilising such technologies as Adobe Flash, 3Dstudio Max, After Effects, Director, Image Ready and Premiere. Our work ranges from low end humorous flash movies, to fully integrated movies combining live action and animated content.

We have created several flash movies that have been showcased by various mediums including the infamous new grounds and utilised as a marketing tool for storyboard development for international product launches. We're also able to create animated games for CD-ROMs and online mediums.


Our animation skills are available for the following solutions:


•  Web Graphics

•  banners

•  animated sites

•  interactive content

•  product explanations

•  animated storyboards

  flash cartoons

•  combination video

•  3d modelling and rendering

•  animated / interactive e-cards (Christmas, new year etc)

•  online / offline games

•  animated / interactive buttons

•  advertisements

•  point of sale video screens

•  presentations

•  cd roms





SEO - Search engine optimisation


Selling online accounts for 28% of the spending of most households in the UK at present. Current forecasts show that this will consistently double for each 5 year period. More and more businesses are changing into an online business, and now is the time to harness the power of the internet. As more business go online with their stores, the market will become more crowded, so time is of the essence. The sooner you can get your store online, the sooner it can become a success.

E-Commerce allows you to be earning money for your business 24/7 365 days a year, and opens your business to an international market otherwise made improbable due to distance constraints.

We can not only create your e-commerce solution, we can also manage the web site in terms of search engine optimisation to make sure you are top of the lists, online marketing to attract the right customers to your web site,





SEO - Search engine optimisation


To be successful on the internet you need to be found by potential clients and existing customers alike. We can create and manage a monthly, bi-monthly, six monthly and annual plan of action for implementation of your business model.


Many companies offer search engine optimization but generally what they offer is a software based solution which simply attaches your domain name to the appropriate search engines and nothing more. With our service, we offer a 48 hour maintenance operation whereby our SEO team monitor and constantly upgrade your web site to make sure your content are optimised to the fullest extent. By checking the progress of our SEO and consistently upgrading it, we can guarantee long term success. This is unlike other companies who monitor the correct SEO when you join, and then stay on this same tactic; meaning after six months, your SEO will be out of date and your web site won't be found.





SEO - Search engine optimisation


By utilising our databasing skills and environments, you can turn your business into an online content management system whereby you can create and update your own web site, and all the pages within, by using a simple log in section of your web site.


By transferring your site contents to a database controlled interactive environment you can achieve the following:


•  control your stock levels and product range using content management

•  create and modify your web site with simple easy to use commands

•  log and retain customer information

•  create mailing lists and email responders

•  set your business up for ecommerce and selling online

•  create log in and password protected sections for your web site

•  tailor your site content for each individual customer

•  create a web site that can be altered / updated on a daily / hourly basis

Databasing and content managed web sites represent the way forward for businesses who want to be able to manage their web presence quickly, easily and efficiently. By using our databasing options, any member of your staff will be able to alter your web site in the way you require.







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